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You are a very stable person and that quality helps others feel calmed.

Having enough money is vital to keeping you feeling at peace, so be sure to keep up the good skills you have with your finances, as this will keep you secure and comfortable in your home and life.

Consistency, stability and knowing what to expect are things you deem vital to your life. You abhor change and won’t even consider new or varied ways of doing something and you are rarely spontaneous.

However, stubbornness is your forte, particularly if asked to change something if it involves anything emotionally related or connected to your possessions.

Your lovers need to be dedicated to you, and in turn you are loyal to them.

Physical comfort is something you crave, and you therefore love to take part in things that stimulate all your five senses, including good foods. In fact, you sometimes use food to replace love and other kinds of emotional fulfillment.

Be careful, because if you get too comfortable with the way things are, you won’t want to change things in your life that need to change.

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