Photographing a wedding can be pressured and hectic. Remove the stress with our go-to guide to the wedding poses guaranteed to give gorgeous results every time.

There are many elements to capturing a wedding day with your camera. This article will focus mainly on posing for the bride and groom.

Before the big day, always scout out the venue/s and make a note/take photos of the spots which will work well for poses. Look for romantic surroundings and settings which could frame stolen moments.

Don’t forget to ask your bride and groom for their list of must-have images during your initial consultation. Meeting their requirements is a sure fire way to get them to recommend you to family and friends.

There is a lot to remember on the day, so make sure you have a list of shots you need to get. Tick them off as you go along.

So with that in mind, here are 20 of the best wedding poses which will give you gorgeous results.

1. The Classic Pose

A smiling bride and groom together infant of  wall and lanterns, demonstrating one  of the classic wedding poses
Use the rule of thirds to pose your bride and groom in this classic pose.

This photo is a staple of wedding poses and will be that one image the couple will want to print, frame and display on their mantlepiece.  

Use the rule of thirds to ensure both bride and groom are in the shot, along with an interesting background. Make sure you can see at least three-quarters of the bride’s and groom’s bodies.

If they are nervous, chat to them and put them at ease. Your main aim is to see boththeir faces wearing a beautiful smile, no matter which way their bodies are facing.

2. Background Classic Pose

A bride and groom stare at each other infront of a woodland setting, with sun streaming through the trees
Play with sunlight to create natural light flares.

Keep the couple in the classic pose, but move further away from them. Ensure their full bodies are in the frame, as well as much more of the background.  

Whether the background is a church, their favourite ice cream shop or a forest, use the rule of thirds to make this image pop. You could even play with sunlight to create natural light flares.

3. Close-up Classic Pose

A groom looks at his bride under a tree, demonstrating one of the classic close-up wedding poses
The groom doesn’t always have to face the camera.

Grab some close-up shots while your bride and groom are enjoying each other’s company, keeping with the classic pose from tip number one.

Remember, your subjects don’t always have to face the camera. Some of the best shots are when one, or both, look away from the camera: or, alternatively, at each other.

Never put your camera down: often the best, most natural moments happen when the couple forgets you are there.

4. Details Galore Pose

A close-up of a bride and groom's hands and wedding rings
Play with your depth of field to get a creamy bokeh effect.

It’s time to put your macro lens into play. Use your imagination to get some elegant and timeless shots of their rings or the wedding bouquet. Play with your depth of field to get a creamy bokeh effect on these images.

Ask the couple to place their hands over each other’s, resting either on her gorgeous dress or holding the flowers. For a change of pace, you could rest their hands on his tailor-made suit. 

5. Shoe Time Pose

A bride and groom show off their wedding shoes while stood on stone steps, another one of the classic wedding poses
Shoot wedding shoes against a plain background so they stand out.

Documenting the couple’s shoes often gets forgotten about in all the excitement of the day. The bride’s are hidden much of the time by her dress, so take this opportunity to let the bride to show off her beautiful shoes.

Shoot against a plain background so that the shoes pop, and get the groom involved too–don’t forget his feet.

Whether they are designed by Jimmy Choo, or are simply sneakers, take a beautiful shot. But always be mindful of the background.

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