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Still life photography is a unique genre of photography in which the photographer is creating the image, rather than capturing a moment. From setting to objects and even lighting and mood, the photographer can bring their creative vision to life. You don’t always need a fancy studio or gear to create beautiful photographs — you can use a table near a window or even an outdoor scene. Since you’re dealing with inanimate objects, it allows you to take your time and experiment with lighting and composition.

Still life photography, which derived from its still life painting counterpart comes in all shapes, sizes and colours. Common subjects might include plants, food, rocks, glassware — and essentially any natural or manmade object you can think of. Total control allows for endless possibilities.  Here are 50 incredible still life photographs to inspire your next photo shoot!

1. Julia Dávila-Lampe – Please

2. Dina Belenko – Action Popsicle Collection

3. Shihya Kowatari – Pliable

4. Lőrincz Eszter – Patches

5. Abe Wischnia – Raspberries

6. André Josselin – The World is Ours

André Josselin - The World is Ours

7. Olaf Holland – Orchid in Red

Olaf Holland - Orchid in Red

8. Carlos Vazquez – 3 spoons

9. Carlos M. Almagro – Stranded

10. Maryna Khomenko – Tired

11. Miki Fujii – Coffee Routine

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